Laser Treatment Therapy

Lunula Laser

We use Lunula Laser therapy to treat Onychomycosis, commonly known as toenail fungus,.

The following symptoms often indicate a fungal infection:

  • Increased nail thickness
  • Lack of shine
  • Nail discolouration
  • Distortion of nail shape
  • Weakness or crumbling nails

Lunula Laser involves a low-level contained laser that targets the infection without causing damage to the nail or surrounding area. Completed in-clinic, the procedure only takes a few minutes and results in noticeably clearer and

"Noticeably healthier nails "

SWIFT Laser Technology

Warts and lesions can seem painfully resilient, which is why we provide the most effective and trusted form of treatment. SWIFT therapy utilises a focussed microwave signal to break down infected skin cells and promote healing.

The advantages of this particular laser treatment include:

  • No dressings required or need to self-care
  • Pain relief following treatment
  • Few treatment sessions required
  • Quick and effective

Compared to other invasive techniques, this is a quick and beneficial process that produces visible improvements within 3 appointments.

Improvements within 3 appointments